Hi, I’m David.  For the past decade I’ve been a UI/UX designer. I’ve designed apps and websites for major companies, including most recently Fitbit and Qardio. I’ve had titles such as senior product designer, interaction designer, and web designer, but really I see myself as a strategic visual partner that helps founders, visionaries, and brands tell their stories and reach their intended audiences. Prior to working as a designer, I was a tv photojournalist for ABC and CBS news.

I’m an avid photographer and almost always have a Fujifilm camera nearby. I also make images using 3D and motion design software which allow me to create textures, patterns, and qualities of light that may be impossible to achieve in real world environments.

My professional experience as a UI/UX designer combined with my photographic background and visual curiosity make me a strong asset to any team looking to push their visual voice forward.