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I don't really have a twin, but I'm most happy when I'm visually experimenting. I studied Film in college and went on to become a television photojournalist where I filmed wildfires and interviewed many people including skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk (I'm not normally a name-dropper, but who is cooler than Tony Hawk). 

I eventually grew tired of filming bad news and my creative juices also needed more fuel. I became obsessed with all things graphic design. I think I wasn't meant to discover graphic design until scissors and tape were no longer required. I'm not great at doing small things with my hands, but I digress.

I'm self taught as a designer, but this is a misnomer because I spent thousands of hours and dollars ingesting every book, video and UI/UX course I could get my eyes on.  I started off like most web designers freelancing from my basement. Well, I didn't really have a basement, but you get the point.

I went on to work at design and development agencies with clients of all sizes from startups to large government organizations. Most recently I've been working in-house in the health technology space at Fitbit and now Qardio. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Qardio where I have the privilege of working alongside the CEO and CTO to help create the iOS and Android apps for this innovative heart health technology company. When I'm not working, I always have my Fuji camera nearby which gives me a good excuse to get away from the computer to that place known as outside. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!
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